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What is a fork?

A fork is such a set of bets on some event, in which the winning is guaranteed to be not less than the number of bets made, regardless of the outcome of this event. To put it simply, it is a situation where no matter what happens, a player makes a profit or at least does not stay in a loss.

Bets that form a fork are sometimes called shoulders of a fork. A fork does not have to bring the same profit for all shoulders. If a player wishes, it is possible to make such a distribution of bets so that at one or the other outcome the winning was greater than at others. It is also possible to use the forks for insurance. It means to do such a distribution of sums that at one outcome was the maximum winning, and at all others occurred the return of the assigned money.

How it works?

Let's consider bookmaker's forks in detail on the example of a specific event. As an example, let's take the soccer match between Chelsea and Manchester United. Here are the lines of three bookmakers' offices for this event, taken at the same time. Now let's take three possible opposite outcomes: a win for the first team, a draw, and a win for the second team.

Usually the player makes one bet and hopes for luck. But if he does not guess, the money is lost.

Obviously, if you make three bets, one for each outcome, then one of them will win because only one team can win or a draw can happen. But no matter how much we bet, if we make all three bets in only one of the offices, our winnings are never guaranteed to cover our bets. That is, we still run the risk of being in deficit. This is because the bookmaker always puts in his odds a certain percentage of commission, it is also called margin. And every bookmaker tries to harmonize their odds so that they always have an advantage over the players. But fortunately, there are a lot of offices and betting exchanges in the world. And sometimes it is difficult for them to track every change in each other's odds, and then there are so-called arbitrage situations or forks.

How to find forks?

(We won't go into the mathematics within this article. For those who are interested, there will be a separate article) In order to find a fork, it is necessary to find a set of bets, which satisfies the following conditions:

at any possible outcome of the event, at least one of the bets wins or there is a return of all bets the odds values are such, that they allow distributing the sum of bets in such a way, that at any possible outcome the income from the winning bet was more or equal to the sum of bets

To find such a set of bets it is necessary to collect the lines of as many shops as possible and go through all possible combinations of bets, checking whether they meet the specified conditions.

Obviously, this work is very painstaking and requires a lot of calculations. In addition, the search must be carried out as quickly as possible and should be operated as recently as possible. Bookmakers also do not sit idly by, and the fattest forks do not live long.

But we live in an era when a man can free himself from tedious sorting out piles of endless monotonous arithmetic operations, and leave it to the machine! It will do it better, and he, the man can do more pleasant things.

So, to find the forks, you just need to look at our service. We have already arranged them carefully, so you don't have to look for them for a long time.

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